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The air in your Atlanta home is much more likely to be polluted than the air outdoors. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, "As a result of today’s energy efficient, tight or closed building construction, the air in our homes and workplace is always 2-5 times more polluted than the worst exterior air and may be 100 times more polluted." A clean indoor atmosphere cannot be attained without controlling airborne particulate using a product such as an air cleaner.

Atlanta Air Cleaners - Electronic air cleaners remove 95% or more of the undesirable airborne particles and are usually installed in the duct carrying air back to the furnace. By comparison, a typical disposable furnace filter removes only 10% to 15% of the contaminants. Electronic air cleaners are very energy-efficient and require a media change only once a year. If you need installation of an electronic cleaner, who would like to speak with one of our expert technicians, please contact us today.

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Troubleshooting Your Air Cleaner

1) The Power light isn't working, what can I do? The power light indicates when power is coming into the Electronic Air Cleaner. The light is on only when a Sail Switch or an Airflow Switch has proven the system fan is on. Therefore, the power light should only be on when the fan is blowing. If the light does not come on when the fan is running your air cleaner may have a short.

Next try removing the cell's), If the light comes on with the cell's) removed, you have a short in the electronic cell's) somewhere. See checking cells. If the light does not come on with the cells removed, you may have a bad power supply. Please call your local contractor for service. Warning! Do not attempt to service power supply The power supply produces high voltage and could cause electric shock.

2) Why is my air cleaner making noises? Arcing is generally caused by bent collector plates. Arcing will usually show up after washing a cell, the cause being damage done to the cell during the washing process. When a plate is bent, the voltage will jump from a positively charged plate to a negatively charged plate. Positively powered plates carry about 4075Vdc, and the negatively charged plates are grounded. If the collector plates are bent and touching one another or close to touching, an arc can occur. Also check for broken ionizer wires.

3) Do Air Cleaners produce Ozone? Like other household appliances (hairdryers, mixers and electric fans), the Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner, and any other high efficiency electronic air cleaner will produce trace levels of ozone when they are running. [In extensive testing of electronic air cleaners performance both in test chambers and in actual homes, under normal operating conditions, ozone levels measured are in the range of .005 to .020 parts per million (PPM), well below indoor safety levels set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).] For outdoor air, levels above .120 are considered excessively stressing to people with a respiratory illness or who are sensitive to ozone. [In general, levels below .080 are considered acceptable for outdoors, but these levels are often exceeded in some urban areas. The FDA sets .050 with a 24 hour a day exposure as the maximum indoor ozone concentration acceptable.] [An electronic air cleaner can be expected to add about .005 PPM ozone to the steady state indoor level.] As the electronic air cleaner loads with dirt, the level of ozone produced further decreases. Odor perception for ozone varies quite a bit among people. Some people can smell levels as low as .003 PPM. Most people can smell a level of .020 PPM well below the FDA standard. The smell of ozone is not necessarily an indicator the level is above normal, or even near the recommended limit set by the FDA.


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